We understand that every student is different. No single tutoring plan will work for everyone. 

This is where our experience allows us to customize and personalize a tutoring strategy for each student. 

During our complimentary 30-minute consultation we will discuss your needs and wishes for the tutoring program. Then, we will match you with the tutor that is best for your personal situation!


We use a variety of resources, tailoring the resources uniquely to each student, which will allow each student to rise to their maximal potential

Check out our resource guide for a in-depth analysis and recommendation list for each high-yield resource. 


Structure of Tutoring Sessions

For each tutoring session, our highly-skilled tutors will be sure to personalize every aspect of each session. Based on the student's current progress and knowledge, our tutor will review various material in order to make sure the student develops a well-rounded understanding of the material. This is achieved through an active learning process, where our tutors will push each student throughout the session so that they are then able to apply their knowledge in multiple different facets, as the board exams require. 

As well, many students also benefit from a personalized and guided training of how to approach the question vignettes. While there are many question banks available, there is no resource that walks students through how to think on a line-by-line basis while reading the vignettes. Our high-scoring tutors will provide students with an insider's guide and strategy for how to approach these arduous and tedious questions.

Ultimately, we will not only help you understand the massive amount of information for the exam, but also how to take the exam, which can be the most difficult portion of the USMLE exams. 

With the purchase of a multiple hour package, we are also available 24/7 for you to email us any questions you have about material reviewed between sessions. We will answer all questions in a timely manner.

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