Testimonial 5

“Trust me, you want to learn from the best. I prefer learning from someone who knows what to do to get results. Perks of having MedBoardTutors as your tutor: Personalized study plan. Knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient tutors. Highlights the most tested concepts on exams. Incorporates questions from various question banks into tutoring sessions. Integrates concepts from different disciplines (which is what the USMLE likes to test you on). You can really understand why MedBoardTutors has had so much success in their USMLE exam preparation tutoring when you attend their lessons. They will tell you where to direct your energy at (what is important and what is less important), how to study, and the potential questions that you may encounter on the exam. Most important of all, they are super NICE! You would never feel bad about asking the basic questions or any questions for that matter. They have a way to explain the concepts in a clear and interesting way. I used to have a lot of anxiety and confusion when I studied for the same materials in medical school; now I look forward to my tutoring sessions with MedBoardTutors, and have so much fun learning the materials I once regarded as tedious and complicated. The best part? You see results when you’re doing questions from the question banks.”

—S.T., The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Testimonial 2

“I worked with MedBoardTutors throughout my third year of medical school. Before starting with them, my first few shelf scores were between 35th and 60th percentile. After starting with them, my remaining shelf scores were all above the 80th percentile. I then worked with MedBoardTutors during my dedicated Step 2 CK prep time, and well exceeded my goal Step 2 CK score. I have always worked hard, but have struggled with multiple choice and testing skills. Working on both material, as well as questions and testing strategies, MedBoardTutors helped me finally get to the next level of test performance. In terms of qualifications, they are probably the smartest individuals I have come across. Despite this, however, they are very down-to-earth, personable, and nonjudgmental, and I always really enjoyed our sessions. They are great at hitting all the high-yield topics/factoids the NBME loves to ask, and I scored a lot of points that way. Overall, my investments with MedBoardTutors has been worth every penny as it has greatly increased my competitiveness as a residency applicant.”

—S.F., Saint Louis University School of Medicine

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Testimonial 3

“I am very happy to have worked with MedBoardTutors. In our first meeting, we discussed what to expect from our tutoring sessions. They made a schedule for me from when we started working together up to the exam, which has been so helpful to keep on track with all the material that I had to study without feeling overwhelmed. During our sessions, we review the material and they tell me what is high-yield and make sure that I am understanding the material by asking questions. Also, they make sure that I am associating/integrating different topics that are relevant. In some sessions, we go over question bank questions and how to tackle them. They are very approachable and encouraging, which has helped to keep my stress at bay. They are an amazing and very knowledgeable group of tutors. I definitely recommend them.”

—M.S., Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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Testimonial 4

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with MedBoardTutors for the last 7 weeks and have already seen an improvement in my foundation as well as my critical reading skills. They are not only extremely knowledgeable of medicine, but also very patient and work to make sure you understand the material. The sessions are either going through specific questions that you have on the material that you are having difficulty with or it is going through the question bank. The sessions are active and they make sure to test you to reinforce the material. With the question banks, they help with interpreting the clinical vignettes and dissecting it, line by line and then go over the answer choices. They are very friendly and approachable so do not be afraid to ask any questions. I already feel my confidence is growing as I work with MedBoardTutors, and I am sure you will too.”

—F.I., Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Testimonial 8

"I cannot stress enough how vital MedBoardTutors' advice and feedback has been during my exam preparation process. They are extremely knowledgeable about board relevant material and can present it in a way that makes complete sense and improves my confidence in my own test taking ability. They are also very patient and can phrase difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner which has helped me grasp the content. The one-on-one tutoring sessions have been far superior to any tutoring service my school has offered and I’m thankful that I have had them as an asset."


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Testimonial 7

"I was fortunate to work with MedBoardTutors towards the end of my Step 2 CK preparation. They were instrumental in clarifying all of many concepts that I did not have command of. They were very patient. They were willing to explain concepts over and over until I understood it. They know the material inside out and are gifted in teaching that material. They also just exude goodness. I really believe that I was able to reach my goals with this exam because of working with MedBoardTutors. I highly recommend their tutoring services."


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Testimonial 6

"I discovered MedBoardTutors when I realized that I had not been seeing score improvements in my individual studying despite my Step 1 test date being only 7 weeks away. My tutor was very open to taking in my input with regards to my study style and favorite resources when formulating a study plan for me, which provided some much-needed structure to my test prep schedule. During the study sessions, my tutor pointed out exactly what was high yield for each subject so that I could use my study time wisely, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and finished off the tutoring session by actively working through practice questions with me to solidify the knowledge learned earlier in the session. With MedBoardTutors, I not only learned the material for Step 1, but also felt significantly less anxious when approaching my studies, which was equally as important. I would highly recommend MedBoardTutors for anyone who is interested in improving their score—their knowledge and expertise in test preparation is unmatched!"

—T.B., University of Texas Medical School at Houston

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Testimonial 1

“Among all the materials available to prepare for USMLE, MedBoardTutors guidance and tutoring was undoubtedly the most instrumental in achieving the 255 I ended up with on Step 1. They truly care about helping other students become successful, and their tutoring style reflects this empathy: they not only tailor content to the individual’s strengths/weaknesses but also work on improving test-taking skills depending on the individual’s needs. This individualized approach, combined with their unique emphasis and ability to integrate and explain discrete details with the big-picture concepts, allowed me to not only improve my Step score but my approach to problems during my clinical years. MedBoardTutors has undoubtedly been a tremendous resource during my time in medical school, and I am extremely confident in their abilities.”

—K.T., Saint Louis University School of Medicine 

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