Testimonial 4

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with MedBoardTutors for the last 7 weeks and have already seen an improvement in my foundation as well as my critical reading skills. They are not only extremely knowledgeable of medicine, but also very patient and work to make sure you understand the material. The sessions are either going through specific questions that you have on the material that you are having difficulty with or it is going through the question bank. The sessions are active and they make sure to test you to reinforce the material. With the question banks, they help with interpreting the clinical vignettes and dissecting it, line by line and then go over the answer choices. They are very friendly and approachable so do not be afraid to ask any questions. I already feel my confidence is growing as I work with MedBoardTutors, and I am sure you will too.”

—F.I., Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine