Testimonial 5

“Trust me, you want to learn from the best. I prefer learning from someone who knows what to do to get results. Perks of having MedBoardTutors as your tutor: Personalized study plan. Knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient tutors. Highlights the most tested concepts on exams. Incorporates questions from various question banks into tutoring sessions. Integrates concepts from different disciplines (which is what the USMLE likes to test you on). You can really understand why MedBoardTutors has had so much success in their USMLE exam preparation tutoring when you attend their lessons. They will tell you where to direct your energy at (what is important and what is less important), how to study, and the potential questions that you may encounter on the exam. Most important of all, they are super NICE! You would never feel bad about asking the basic questions or any questions for that matter. They have a way to explain the concepts in a clear and interesting way. I used to have a lot of anxiety and confusion when I studied for the same materials in medical school; now I look forward to my tutoring sessions with MedBoardTutors, and have so much fun learning the materials I once regarded as tedious and complicated. The best part? You see results when you’re doing questions from the question banks.”

—S.T., The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine