Testimonial 2

“I worked with MedBoardTutors throughout my third year of medical school. Before starting with them, my first few shelf scores were between 35th and 60th percentile. After starting with them, my remaining shelf scores were all above the 80th percentile. I then worked with MedBoardTutors during my dedicated Step 2 CK prep time, and well exceeded my goal Step 2 CK score. I have always worked hard, but have struggled with multiple choice and testing skills. Working on both material, as well as questions and testing strategies, MedBoardTutors helped me finally get to the next level of test performance. In terms of qualifications, they are probably the smartest individuals I have come across. Despite this, however, they are very down-to-earth, personable, and nonjudgmental, and I always really enjoyed our sessions. They are great at hitting all the high-yield topics/factoids the NBME loves to ask, and I scored a lot of points that way. Overall, my investments with MedBoardTutors has been worth every penny as it has greatly increased my competitiveness as a residency applicant.”

—S.F., Saint Louis University School of Medicine