Testimonial 6

"I discovered MedBoardTutors when I realized that I had not been seeing score improvements in my individual studying despite my Step 1 test date being only 7 weeks away. My tutor was very open to taking in my input with regards to my study style and favorite resources when formulating a study plan for me, which provided some much-needed structure to my test prep schedule. During the study sessions, my tutor pointed out exactly what was high yield for each subject so that I could use my study time wisely, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and finished off the tutoring session by actively working through practice questions with me to solidify the knowledge learned earlier in the session. With MedBoardTutors, I not only learned the material for Step 1, but also felt significantly less anxious when approaching my studies, which was equally as important. I would highly recommend MedBoardTutors for anyone who is interested in improving their score—their knowledge and expertise in test preparation is unmatched!"

—T.B., University of Texas Medical School at Houston