Benefits beyond the tutoring session!

Our tutors will not only help you during the 1-on-1 online sessions, but also ensure your studying is effective at all times.

Through effective study guidance, our tutors will be sure to provide personalized plans applicable to each student's unique situation. Every student's resources, studying timeline, practice exams and tutoring sessions will be intertwined and choreographed to ensure each student's progress in their exam scores!

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Free Consult Session

  • After receiving a student's request for tutoring, each student will receive an introductory email detailing our tutoring service goals and objectives.

  • At this time, we will ask each student to fill out a Preparedness Assessment questionnaire and then have a free 30-minute consult session, which will allow our tutors to understand the intricacies of the student's personal situation.

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Tutor Match

  • After the consult session, we will then match our best tutor for the student's situation.

  • Our expert tutors will then reach out to start the discussion and plan the tutoring and studying strategy.

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Study Guidance

  • With the information from the consult, preparedness assessment and personal discussion with the student, each tutor will provide a detailed, personalized plan to ensure a student's study plan is efficient and effective.

  • We will tailor every student's resources, study timeline, practice exams and tutoring sessions to assure productivity!