Need help designing a personalized, efficient and effective study plan and schedule for your USMLE exam?


Feel overwhelmed by all the USMLE resources available?


Want expert advice on how to effectively and efficiently use your precious studying period to maximize scores?


We have constructed hundreds of detailed study schedules for USMLE and COMLEX students of all levels.


Our study plans are personalized to the strengths and weaknesses of every student.

Based on your exam date, prior preparation, practice exam scores, subject strengths and weaknesses, we will design a detailed schedule to help you stay on track every day.

We simplify the process of studying various available resources, allowing students to better achieve their dream USMLE or COMLEX scores!


This schedule is included with tutoring packages of 10 or more hours purchased by our students.

Check-out this sample study plan below!


With this personalized schedule, we will be sure to take the frustration and complexity out of your dedicated study period. We have seen great success in students who follow this day-by-day schedule, maximizing their USMLE scores!



ANY student wanting more direction with their USMLE or COMLEX studying period can purchase an expertly designed and personalized study schedule.

After completion of a detailed preparedness assessment to evaluate how you learn best, and how much you have done so far in preparation for the exam, we will then construct a detailed, personalized schedule.

We will send the schedule within 2-3 business days of receipt of purchase. After the student receives the schedule, we are more than happy to provide one additional review and change to the schedule.

These study plans may be purchased without a typical tutoring package.

The price of an individualized, separate study plan is $200.


"I am very happy to work with MedBoardTutors. In our first meeting, we discussed what to expect from our tutoring sessions. They made a schedule for me from when we started working together up to the exam, which has been so helpful to keep on track with all the material that I had to study without feeling overwhelmed."


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