MedBoardTutors offers high quality and affordable online USMLE, COMLEX, NBME and medical school course tutoring. 

We strive to provide effective and personalized help, no matter the circumstance. 

MedBoardTutors has a verifiable record of medical knowledge mastery, with outstanding 99th percentile exam scores on the USMLE and COMLEX. 

We also have 10,000+ hours of USMLE, COMLEX and NBME tutoring experience, helping both U.S. and international medical graduates.


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Our idea of a good tutoring experience is to not learn solely for the test. While tests are critical for progression in the academic world we live, we feel that proper learning of a subject will allow people to call upon the knowledge for years to come.

Our goal is to consistently push students to strive for further, well-rounded understanding. No matter the time requirement, we will always be willing and able to provide assistance whenever requested by students.

We take pride and derive happiness from witnessing the progress of students in their medical education and look forward to the opportunity to help out our fellow medical colleagues.

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  • Once we receive a form, we will have each student fill out a preparedness assessment.

  • These details will allow our expert tutors to plan a detailed, personalized study and tutoring plan for each student's situation.

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  • One of our co-founders will have a 1-on-1 free consult session with each prospective student.

  • During this session, we will talk about each student's unique situation and lay out all that we can provide through the tutoring service.

  • We strive to lay out a personalized plan for each and every student!

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Tutor Match

  • After we fully understand the students' situation, we will match them with our best tutor.

  • Our tutors will then work closely with the student to design a detailed plan for their studying, resources, tutoring sessions and practice exam utilization.


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Our numerous testimonials show our commitment to each and every student we work with.

Through our personalized program we have seen remarkable improvement in all students.

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