We understand that tutoring can be a very expensive investment. 

That's why we offer a drastically more affordable rate compared to our competitors.

MedBoardTutors offers significantly less expensive tutoring sessions without sacrificing the effectiveness or quality of service. We offer the same tutoring experience of other companies. 

In addition, our USMLE scores are among the best on average in the market, and our tutoring experience is extensive. 

Before any payment is required, we offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation session

During this session, one of our co-founders will talk about tutoring goals and your current level of preparation. This gives us an understanding of how we can best help you and gives you an idea of what we can offer as a tutoring service. From this information, we will then hand-pick the best tutor for your current situation!

We tutor because we love it, not because of money, and we reserve this session to learn more about you and understand if we feel that we can (or cannot) help you.

We use PayPal for all transactions. This offers greater security and protection for both parties.


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